Singapore Science Park - Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation


Published On Thu, 14 Dec 2023


As 2023 draws to a close, Singapore Science Park looks back with pride on a milestone year brimming with refreshing initiatives, active community engagement, and impactful experiences. From the unveiling of Geneo to the meaningful moments that have left an imprint on both the collective community spirit and individual growth, each step has contributed to a year of invigorating change and meaningful connections. 

Artist impression of Singapore Science Park’s new precinct, Geneo  

Geneo: Pioneering the Future of Singapore Science Park 

At the heart of Singapore Science Park’s rejuvenation is Geneo, the inaugural phase of its multi-stage transformation. Situated in Singapore Science Park 1, Geneo stands as a world-class hub for life sciences and innovation, addressing the evolving needs of Singapore's growing healthcare and deep tech sectors. With a dedication to innovative initiatives, community collaboration, and sustainability, Geneo offers a reimagined lifestyle for the Science and Tech community, prioritising their needs in its design. 

Art Jam Science Park: A Celebration of Creativity and Inclusivity 

Artists from ART:DIS with their art bench adopter from MiRXES. 

Art in creation at Art Jam Science Park’s Bench Art Edition 

Art Jam Science Park introduces art and vibrant colours to Singapore Science Park. The Bench Art Edition showcased the resilience and creativity of artists from 5 charity organisations, transforming picnic benches into canvases reflecting their passion and creativity. Adopted by 18 organisations, including those within Singapore Science Park, these art benches symbolise socialising, nature, equality, and inclusion. The community contributed over $270,000 to benefit the participating charity organisations, underscoring their commitment to skills development initiatives for youth with special needs.  

Colleagues from Johnson & Johnson enjoying lunch treats at Art Jam Science Park Pop-Up 

These artistic benches have become central to Singapore Science Park’s community events, bringing the community together for relaxed meals on these charming seats within the workplace setting and live music. Amid the engaging tunes and captivating artwork, the community shared relaxed conversations over enjoyable meals

Innovation Made Real: Shaping Tomorrow's Future 

Thought leadership panel discussion at Innovation Made Real 2023  

Innovation Made Real 2023 was a success, showcasing the Singapore Science Park community's commitment to driving refreshing change and innovation. The conference united innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, exploring advancements in healthcare, smart cities, and agrifood technologies. It served as a dynamic platform to share insights and visions that have the power to transform industries and improve lives. 

Singrow addressing the audience at Innovation Made Real 2023 

Journey to Your Personal Best: Unleash Your Inner Athlete 

In enabling self-discovery and personal fitness advancement, Journey to Your Personal Best weaves together sports science, thoughtfully chosen terrains, and expert guidance. This pilot fitness initiative designed for the Singapore Science Park community serves as a rallying point, drawing running enthusiasts from both Singapore Science Park and across Singapore. Through invigorating community runs between Singapore Science Park and Kent Ridge Park, participants not only elevated their physical fitness but also cultivated a spirit of shared achievement and camaraderie. 

Participants after a fulfilling workout  

Academic Affinity: Strengthening the Bond with National University of Singapore 

Participants at the annual RunNUS race

NUS Formula SAE sponsors appreciation day 

NUS Division of Industrial Design’s What If: Design Futures exhibition opening night  

Located as neighbours at Kent Ridge, Singapore Science Park and NUS share a symbiotic relationship aimed at promoting industry-academia partnerships and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas. This year, in addition to working with NUS Enterprise to increase exchanges between corporations and startups, Singapore Science Park joined hands with NUS Students' Sports Club for the annual RunNUS race and partnered with the NUS Division of Industrial Design for the "What If: Design Futures" exhibition and talks at Singapore Science Park. 

Tenant Collaboration : Fostering a Dynamic Ecosystem  

Celebrating 5th anniversary of Merck’s M Lab Collaboration Centre

Our collaborative efforts extend to our tenant community, celebrating milestones, e.g. 5th anniversary of Merck's M Lab Collaboration Centre, and facilitating launch events such as ClavystBio and JLABS Singapore, emphasising our role as a catalyst for industry innovation and a hub for key players in the field. Additionally, Singapore Science Park also partnered with tenants in the park to enhance their community outreach e.g. lunch-and-learn talk with AMILI and community networking with Vectura Fertin Pharma. These collaborations showcase Singapore Science Park’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive ecosystem that extends beyond physical spaces. 

Learning about combating food coma with AMILI  

Flavours of Tomorrow: Redefining Food for a Sustainable Future 

Attendees enjoying their lunch bowls 

The Flavours of Tomorrow programme by Singapore Science Park highlights the latest advancements in food technology, ranging from sustainable alternative protein sources to innovative solutions for healthier food choices. In partnership with prominent leaders in the F&B industry, Flavours of Tomorrow organised engaging "Lunch and Learn" sessions. During these sessions, participants gained valuable insights into cutting-edge food technology shaping the industry's future, and they had the chance to sample these groundbreaking products firsthand. 

Lunch and Learn session with bamboo bowl, Shandi Global, Curated Culture and Kosmode Health  

In addition to its rich tapestry of community initiatives, Singapore Science Park was also included in the broader CapitaLand tenant community engagement activities. This included contributing to the CapitaLand Hope Foundation's #LoveOurSeniors meal delivery effort, engaging in CapitaLand 5v5 Futsal Challenge for friendly competition, and offering Tenants Treats to our tenant community. These activities highlight CapitaLand’s commitment to fostering a collaborative ecosystem that extends beyond its immediate community, creating a vibrant and supportive environment for all. 

Check out the highlights of the year in the video below.


As we bid farewell to 2023, we look forward to welcoming 2024 with the Flavours of Tomorrow Festival on the 20 and 21 of January 2024. This Singapore's first alternative food festival will feature a sustainable food and retail market, sharing sessions from startups, live music, games, and more. Join us for an unparalleled culinary experience that redefines your relationship with food and sustainability. Check out to learn more.  

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