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Why Palm Oil Matters to Your Everyday: Must-know Facts & Innovation

Why Palm Oil Matters to Your Everyday: Must-know Facts & Innovation

Fri, 29 Oct 2021

Did you know that there is more to palm oil used in food and everyday products too? As demand for palm oil across the food and beverage industry grows, global palm oil corporations’ like Musim Mas Group are developing new concepts and solutions for using sustainable palm oil-based functional blends and specialty fats at their R&D and Innovation facility – Novel IDEAS Center in Singapore Science Park, in addition to their commitment to producing sustainable palm oil across FMCG, beauty, sanitary and biofuels industries. Read on to understand more about the latest innovations in palm oil. 

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Making Scents of Well-Being: Fragrances Can Boost Your Mood

Fri, 30 Jul 2021

Who needs a good cup of coffee to start your day? There might just be a scientific reason for this. It’s been proven that scents increases your ability to focus and perform! This is why @Firmenich and @IFF, the scent companies located in Singapore Science Park are curating functional perfumes to boost consumers’ holistic well-being. Read on to uncover the science behind all of this, and learn about scents that can boost your performance and mood. 

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