Sustainability & Innovation


Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab

Located in SSP2, the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab is the first industry-led lab for smart cities solutions development in Southeast Asia. It aims to enhance the capabilities of technology providers, enabling them to improve customer experience and achieve environmental sustainability. Supported by the IMDA and ESG, the Lab has found strong collaboration with over 30 partners, including major industry players such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Johnson Controls, SPTel, and Schneider Electric. Among its major projects is the ‘CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge’, which will source for innovations on a global scale to CapitaLand’s sustainability target. 



5G Smart Estate Trial @ SSP

The first use-cases in Southeast Asia to develop intelligent mobility solutions in a commercial space, 5G Smart Estate Trial is a key initiative of the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab aimed at developing, testing, and deploying sustainable smart city products and services, such as better 5G network coverage or autonomous vehicles. Supported by CapitaLand’s partners, NavInfo and TPG Telecom, this initiative hopes to improve both safety within SSP as well as the quality of life for our community members and visitors.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

As part of our ongoing commitment to develop smart building solutions while minimising users’ impact on the environment, CapitaLand, as the park owner of SSP, has collaborated with SP group to install EV charging stations at our properties, with the aim to create a more sustainable environment and to contribute to Singapore’s future Electric Vehicle network.

At present, there are a total of 30 EV stations installed at six SSP properties.


Solar Panels

Determined to reduce Ascent’s daily operational carbon footprint and environmental harms associated with fossil fuel, solar panels are installed on the eastern façade of Ascent as an example of smart design that can make use of renewable energy. The system is estimated to provide up to 24,700 kWh of annual energy yield which is adequate to supply up to approximately 0.2% replacement of Ascent's total annual energy consumption. 

In addition, Teletech Park has entered a solar leasing program with Sembcorp for 20 years. The installation of the 450-kW solar energy system is estimated to provide up to 574 MWh of annual energy yield. This is adequate to supply up to 18% replacement of Teletech Park's total annual energy consumption. 


Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation

In order to reduce energy consumption, an innovative air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation system was deployed to replace the traditional belt-driven fans in  51 - 65 Science Park Road, resulting in a 20% improvement in energy consumption of the heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation system.


Intelligent Building Platform

Intelligent Building Platform, known as IBP, serves as a ‘brain’ that senses and monitors the operations in our properties. IBP leverages technology to gather data from various buildings to achieve more efficient building performance and enhance customer experience.

Real-time data can be monitored centrally and shared with the asset management team and call centres. This enables optimal energy usage at SSP properties, which improves response time to incidents, detects fault and reduces equipment downtime as well as improves security surveillance.