Innovation Made Real 2023: Pioneering Progress at Singapore Science Park

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Published On Mon, 02 Oct 2023


Innovation Made Real 2023 took place on 27 September 2023 at the vibrant Singapore Science Park. The conference, which served as a testament to Singapore’s Science & Tech community’s unwavering commitment to driving innovation and shaping tomorrow's future, was a resounding success, setting the stage for meaningful change and progress in the world of innovation.

A Gathering of Visionaries

Innovation Made Real is more than just a conference; it's a dynamic platform where innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry leaders converge. It's a hub for sharing profound insights, experiences, and visions that have the power to transform industries and improve lives.

The event, made possible through Singapore Science Park’s partnerships with the Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance, NUS Enterprise, and the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab, was a tribute to the collaborative spirit that fuels innovation.

More than 160 attendees from Singapore’s Science & Tech community, including representatives from the Singapore Science Park community, came together. This diverse and vibrant community embodies the essence of co-innovation, where different expertise and perspectives converge to drive meaningful progress.

Exploring Frontiers 

The heart of Innovation Made Real lies in its dedication to exploring the frontiers of innovation. The event celebrated the remarkable advancements in three pivotal domains - healthcare & biomedical sciences, smart cities & urban solutions, and agrifood technologies.

The day kicked off with a warm welcome from Mr. Aylwin Tan, Chief Customer Solutions Officer at CapitaLand, setting a tone of anticipation and excitement. Mr. Young Chang, CTO of Singrow, delivered an inspiring opening keynote on their mission to transform farming through their proprietary precision agritechnology platform, igniting the spark for the day's proceedings.

Mr. Young Chang, CTO of Singrow, delivering an inspiring opening keynote.

Two insightful panel discussions followed. The first, "Powering Sustainable Co-innovation at Scale," delved into the essence of co-innovation and its sustainability aspects. Esteemed speakers from the public and private sectors, including Dr. Sharon Chan from Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Ms. Suchitra Narayan from SG Innovate, and Mr. Chia Wounh Tih from NUS, shared their perspectives on how co-innovation can bring research from the lab to the market, both in Singapore and globally.

The second panel, "Harnessing Deep Tech for Sustainable Solutions," explored the potential of deep tech in addressing pressing environmental challenges. Facilitated by Aylwin Tan, the panelists comprise Ms. Lynette Lee from SC Ventures, Mr. Dobrin Dimitrov from Faradai, and Dr. Lim Chee Chong from Advancer Smart Technology, provided valuable insights into reducing energy consumption, carbon calculation, and sustainability audits.

The panel discussion on “Powering Sustainable Co-innovation at Scale” featured (from left to right) Dr. Sharon Chan, Head of JLABS Asia Pacific, Ms. Suchitra Narayan, Director, Venture Build and Advanced Manufacturing Lead from SG Innovate and Mr. Chia Wounh Tih, Technology Commercialisation Lead from NUS.

(From left to right) Ms. Lynette Lee from SC Ventures, Mr. Dobrin Dimitrov from Faradai, and Dr. Lim Chee Chong from Advancer Smart Technology, provided valuable insights on the potential of deep tech in addressing environmental challenges.

In another noteworthy session, Mr. Teo Cher Hwa from MiRXES and Dr. Aishwarya Bandla from Paxman Coolers, along with insightful moderation by Dr. Alfred Chia from NUHS, delved into the intricate journey of commercialising healthtech innovations in Singapore. The discussion illuminated the challenges and triumphs in the healthtech sector's path to innovation.

(From left to right) Dr. Alfred Chia from NUHS, asking Mr. Teo Cher Hwa from MiRXES and Dr. Aishwarya Bandla from Paxman Coolers, on the challenges they encountered in their path to innovation.

Ms. Yong Hsin Ning from NUS SCALE shared methods to uncover opportunities for innovation.

Innovation Made Real 2023 attendees were offered a unique chance to delve deeper into specific topics through breakout sessions.  The sessions, "Innovate & Collaborate: NUS Startups Meet Corporates" and "NUS SCALE: Uncovering Pathways and Opportunities for Innovation", provided valuable insights into the realms of innovation, entrepreneurship, and scaling up transformative ideas.

Showcasing Innovations

In addition to the conference, Innovation Made Real featured a startup showcase with 12 deep tech startups. From healthtech to environmental solutions, these startups (Alchemy Foodtech, Aprisium, ArmasTec, CutAnything, Doinn, Go!mama, Loop Refine, Lubo, M.I. Cloud Tech, Seventh Sense, the moonbeam co. and vibefam) exemplified how entrepreneurship and innovation can create a better, more inclusive, and sustainable world.

Startups showcasing their innovation at Innovation Made Real.

NUS Enterprise's Innovation with Societal Impact (ISI) team showcased innovative startups such as Armastec, M.I. Cloud Technologies, and Go!Mama, highlighting their contributions to societal change and addressing global challenges.

Mr. Rainier Natividad, CEO & Co-Founder of Armastec shared their innovation at the session on Profit with Purpose: The Potential of Innovative Startups to Drive Societal Change.

Shaping the Future Together

Innovation Made Real 2023 was indeed a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. It brought together diverse minds and ideas, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with valuable insights to shape the future of technology, business, and sustainability.

The impact of this event will continue to resonate within the Science & Tech community in Singapore, serving as a catalyst for progress and transformation.

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