Flavours of Tomorrow Festival: Redefining Food with an Exciting Celebration of Innovation and Creativity

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Published On Fri, 26 Jan 2024


Flavours of Tomorrow Festival at Teletech Park, Singapore Science Park 2.

The inaugural Flavours of Tomorrow Festival (the “Festival”) was held on 20-21 January  2024 at Teletech Park at Singapore Science Park 2, and was Singapore’s first alternative food festival. With over 25 alternative and plant-based food stalls, our esteemed foodtech innovators stepped out of their labs to share the alchemy behind their groundbreaking creations. The festival also featured over 75 retail and art pop ups, live music, bouncy castles and more! With something for everyone, the event was packed with visitors across all ages and backgrounds, ready for new experiences and culinary adventure. 

Oatside showcased its plant-based ice cream on the scene.

Pioneering Beyond the Plate

Attendees were treated to an epicurean revolution where alternative foods redefined gastronomic landscapes. From sustainable produce to cutting-edge ingredients, these pioneers meticulously crafted a sustainable and delectable future. Highlights included Kobashi’s gut-friendly bakes featuring Alchemy Foodtech’s proprietary Alchemy Fibre, Noumi’s plant-based dumplings and gyoza and char siew buns, Thoughtful Food’s healthy ready-to-eat food innovations and Fogo Fungi’s mushroom starter kit. The festival showcased the evolution of taste and sustainability, challenging preconceptions about nutrition.

Gut-friendly bakes (top) from Kobashi made with Alchemy Foodtech’s proprietary Alchemy Fibre and Plant-based sausage hotdog (bottom) from MissCharDog.

Artistry in Every Dimension: Where Creativity Takes Centre Stage

After feasting on the scrumptious food, attendees headed to FOMO Artweekend and Crafters Market where they were mesmerized by the vibrant display of creativity. Over 75 artists and illustrators transformed the event into a canvas of colors and emotions with original merchandise, art and even live portraits. The synergy between artistic wonders and the Festival's overall ambiance turned every corner into a visual masterpiece. Attendees could immerse themselves in the creativity that unfolded, where every moment became a piece of art.

Art and Live portraits (left) and merchandise made with original illustrations (right) on sale.

Entertainment & Education Beyond Expectations

There was never a dull moment to be had at the Festival with live music performances by various artists throughout the day creating an energetic and lively ambiance. Intellectual stimulation also came in the form of Demo-Day and quick informative sessions held by the food tech startups providing insight on this burgeoning sector. Complementing this were free on-site health screenings provided by MiRXES, promoting holistic well-being. Ascott's lucky dips gave out huge prizes and added an element of surprise and excitement! 

Demo-day by NUS Enterprise and Innovate 360 (left), FOGO Fungi and Everiday engaging interested customers.

Live musical performances by Noonbeat and attendees trying their luck at Ascott’s lucky dips.

Even with a drizzly start on the first day, the Festival was in full swing, alive with activity and packed to the brim. Vendors such as Prefer Coffee said that the crowds were so good that they “sold out 2 days worth of stock in 6 hours!”. Yuki from Singrow had “an incredible time at the Flavours of Tomorrow Food Festival, sharing the world's first climate-resilient strawberries with all the enthusiastic visitors.” Gwen from Ants innovate was thankful for the “great opportunity to showcase NouMi's plant-based products that are curated for the Asian palate, such as bakkwa and gyoza, at the inaugural Alternative Foods Festival.” 

In the end, the event succeeded in serving as a platform to support and spread awareness of innovative and creative niche brands innovation and challenge preconceptions about sustainable nutrition and alternative proteins. The bustling excitement, vibrant energy, and diverse offerings made it a landmark event in Singapore's culinary landscape. Families and friends bonded over new experiences, shared smiles, and unforgettable memories forged at the Flavours of Tomorrow Festival.

Families and friends enjoying the Flavours of Tomorrow Festival.

Here's to the memories created and the anticipation of more groundbreaking experiences in the future. Thank you for making this Festival a success! Join us in the upcoming Flavours of Tomorrow Lunch & Learn sessions as we continue to push the boundaries of culinary norms. 


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