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Published On Fri, 21 Oct 2022


Gear up for an inspiring day of sharing and networking as Innovation Made Real@Singapore
Science Park returns on 28 October 2022.

The year-end typically has us focused on the festivities ahead, but over at Singapore Science Park, everyone’s all hyped up about something entirely different: science and technology. The return of Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park on 28 October, gathers some of the region’s top innovators for a full day of panel discussions, presentations, and more.

Held in conjunction with the annual Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) — a week-long conference that sees leaders, entrepreneurs, creators, accelerators and investors from the Global-Asia innovation ecosystem coming together to exchange new ideas in their respective industries, and collaborate across fields and markets—Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park offers a microcosm of the exciting developments and research that are fueling conversations and change in science and technology today.

“Partnership plays a key role in unlocking the acceleration of innovation. The discussions at Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park will enable companies to reframe and explore new approaches to innovate with impact. The platform provides members of Singapore Science Park innovation ecosystem with an opportunity to showcase their innovation endeavours, which may serve as stimulants to partnerships with other organisations located in Singapore Science Park and beyond. Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park reinforces our intent to make Singapore Science Park the premier destination for the interaction and intersections of technologies of tomorrow.” — Chew Peet Mun, Managing Director of Investment and Development at CapitaLand Development Singapore.

The 2022 edition is a special one for participants—Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park will finally be held in person, after the virtual edition in 2020. And yes, this means there will be tons of networking, offline discussions, exciting exhibitions, lab crawls, and more this year.

This year’s edition will be split into four different categories—Innovation Spot-On, Innovation Spotlight, Innovation Engage, and Innovation Expose. With a jam-packed schedule of back-to-back talks and activities, it can be difficult to sieve through all that’s in store for participants. Here, we give you a rundown of some of the highlights you can expect to see at Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park 2022 at Ascent, Singapore Science Park.

Innovation Spotlight

In this next section, a select group from the Singapore Science Park community will showcase specific projects and ventures they are impacting the world with .

First up, Jane Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of Roceso Technologies, will talk about how she and her team have been building up world-class neurorehabilitation devices in the form of exoskeletons. Known as the EsoGLOVE, the company’s devices are tailored for hand rehabilitation and recovery from neurological disorders such as strokes. Unlike traditional heavy, bulky exoskeletons, the EsoGLOVE is lightweight, user-friendly, and is built to facilitate Action Observation Therapy, which is the process of observing, imitating, and practicing certain actions.

“I will be expecting to learn more about companies, talents and their ideas in the ecosystem. Hopefully this will be followed by more networking and sharing after the whole event to encourage learning, mutual support, and potential collaborations.” — Jane Wang

Another key presentation to look out for in this section is one led by Goh Wei Jiang, Co-Founder and CEO of the 3D printing company Craft Health.

While most of the 3D printing businesses that we know of dabble in the production of parts and products, Craft Health focuses on 3D-printed drugs and medication. In his presentation, Wei Jiang will share more about the company’s goal of simplifying drug delivery and consumption by creating polypills that contain different supplements or medication within a single pill, and how the team has worked around the challenge of combining drugs with varied controlled releases.

“We’re the first local company to set up a commercial Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) production line for pharmaceuticals, and the first to complete the first local clinical study for 3D printed medicines. At Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park, we’ll share how 3D printed pharmaceuticals can help reduce issues around polypharmacy (being prescribed too many medicines), paving the way towards a simplified medicine taking experience.” — Goh Wei Jiang

Innovation Spot-On

To kickstart the event, the first series of keynote talks and panel discussions will revolve around the broader theme of what makes Singapore Science Park a global innovation hub. and what it takes to build a vibrant ecosystem here.

One of the highlights of this section would be the opening keynote by Zhou Lihan, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO of MiRXES, where he will speak about how the company has been innovating in the biotechnology sector to develop and launch a single blood test for multi-cancer screening using microRNA-centric technology.

Traditionally, cancers are detected through biopsies, typically after symptoms show up or visible lumps are detected, so the option of having blood tests that can detect multiple types of cancers early on, without clear symptoms showing, would be quite a revolutionary feat. Though this form of innovation has been gaining traction within the industry, it has yet to be fully tested or endorsed by medical professionals on a wider scale, so it would be interesting to hear from Lihan about this process and the science behind it.

MiRXES is honoured to share our journey in developing and deploying RNA technologies and novel molecular diagnostics at Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park. We believe strongly in innovating in Singapore for the world, by leveraging our proprietary RNA technologies to accelerate the movement towards population, preventive and precision-based care. Through this platform, we hope to inspire more entrepreneurs to continually innovate with impact to solve real world problems. – Zhou Lihan

Participants can look forward to over 10+ hours of exchange from over 16 speakers at Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park. Image courtesy of CapitaLand.

Innovation Engage

A key highlight of this year’s Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park is the chance to go on a lab crawl. Several innovation hubs across Singapore Science Park and one-north will be opening their doors to allow a deeper look into their programmes. Participants will be given a download on how they strive to increase the capacity for innovation and multiply the impact.

These includes:

Top: After a two-year pandemic hiatus, the NUS Formula SAE team unveiled their new R22e electric racecar this year, and will be showcasing the actual car at Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park 2022. Image courtesy of NUS FSAE.

Bottom: Sustainability, Arts and Science come together in the form of Neighbourhood of Tomorrow – a collaborative installation project that brings together children to work hand-in-hand to dream up what their  future neighbourhood holds.

Innovation Expose

If the lab crawls are not quite your thing, there are other more hands-on experiences curated for the event.

Participants can get a taste of what it’s like to step into the immersive metaverse through STEPVR’s GATES01, witness the evolution of mobility through the vintage Tiger Car from Haw Par Villa and Singapore’s first electric race car, the R22e by NUS Formula SAE team, and interact with an art installation entitled Neighbourhood of Tomorrow created by children in our communities using cardboard pieces.

So, no matter what branch of the Science and Technology industry you’re in, there’s bound to be a talk, lab crawl, or experience for you. View the full schedule of events here, and register your participation to secure a seat at the event here.

Plus, stand a chance to win a $50 eCapitaVoucher when you snap a photo of the Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park exhibits at Ascent. Visit the Singapore Science Park Facebook page for more information!


After a two-year pandemic hiatus, the NUS Formula SAE team unveiled their new R22e electric racecar this year, and will be showcasing the actual car at Innovation Made Real@Singapore Science Park 2022. Image courtesy of NUS FSAE.


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