3D Printing In The Future Of Healthcare


Published On Mon, 30 Aug 2021



Imagine munching on 3D printed cereals and chocolates. Or repairing your car with 3D printed parts. How about having a 3D printed plush that is soft and comfortable enough to hug? Anything your mind can imagine!

The benefits of 3D printing go beyond an expression of creativity – whether it’s in architecture, construction, education, mechanical or aerospace engineering. Did you know that 3D printing is fast gaining traction in the healthcare industry as well, fuelling medical advances that were previously not possible, and at lower costs?

In fact, researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago created the first artificial mouse ovaries using a 3D printer, with three of the seven implanted mice successfully giving birth! From skin grafts to prosthetics to 3D printed drugs, recent advances in 3D printing has resulted in stronger products, with lower costs and reduced lead time.

Learn how Craft Health, a start-up at NUS Enterprise @ Singapore Science Park, leverage recent advancements of 3D printing in healthcare, to make personalised medicine and nutrition possible.






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