13 Oct 2020 Attending to your Needs and Security in Times of Crisis - An Astrological Perspective [Closed]

Feeling insecure about the near future? Attend to your emotional and security needs in times of crisis. Astrologer Gabriele will be conducting 'live' reading on selected participants during the talk and give them tips about how they can better take care of their mental and emotional health.

07 Oct 2020 HOLOFIT VR Fitness Demo Session [Closed]

Are you tired of the usual method of exercising and looking for a change? Here is your chance to do so! CoSpace Park, together with FIT-VR, bring you a total new exercise of exercising with the incorporation of Virtual Reality (VR) where exercising is now more than just an experience.

29 Sep 2020 Feel Alive! Understanding your Purpose through the lens of Astrology [Closed]

Are you curious to find out more about your Zodiac sign and how they can have an impact on you? Astrologer Gabriele will give you insights on how the Sun Sign - more commonly known as the 'Zodiac' or 'Zodiac Sign' holds the key to our life's purpose.