02 Sep 2020 Transforming Human Capital in Crisis - The 5 Silent Killers [Closed]

The FinLab and Align Group will share insights on the changing role of HR in driving transformation efforts, and uncover the five people related issues that can make or break transformation in organisations. Together, they will also bring forth some grants & resources that organisations can tap on to support their HR transformation.

27 Aug 2020 Creating a Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem [Closed]

With the pandemic's widespread impact, healthcare innovation is at the forefront of Post COVID-19 Recovery. Hear from the industry experts as they discuss how healthcare innovation can build a resilient society capable of withstanding communicable disease risks such as COVID-19 and featuring telehealth technologies and solutions.

20 Aug 2020 Mentoring Leader Series Ep 8: Opportunities Unusual by Peter Ong [Closed]

Lets Not Waste This Crisis – Learn, Apply & Master Useful Change Management Techniques! Join Peter as he describes the importance and benefits of dreaming and doing change management well. Learn about 9 easy-to-understand steps which leaders and companies can immediately use, to effect change management smoothly, surely and successfully!