17 Nov 2020 Customer Objections - Convert NO to YES in Your Sales!

Learn 5 Simple & Effective steps to handle your customer objections, overcome the obstacles, and win them over. Turn NO to YES. No more fear of customers giving you all kinds of reasons to chase you away. You now have strategies to handle them.

10 Nov 2020 Digitalize Your Knowledge, Monetize Your Know-how

Post-Covid world is the best opportunity to digitalize your knowledge and monetize your know-how. Discover how you can build your entire online business with just ONE digital platform at the low cost of ONE single dinner bill! Knowledge is Your Resources. Know-how is Your Assets.

05 Nov 2020 Secrets To Winning Online Audience [Closed]

In a society where virtual meeting have become the norm, how can you adapt to the changes and thrive? Learn how to effectively communicate via online platforms to deliver sales and results from Millionaire Speakers Network!