28 Jan 2021 Tabao Thursday Jan Series: Authentic Conversations with Radical Candor

Join Coach Takeshi and Su Chern in this lunchtime webinar as they share how to create an emotionally safe space for the person you are speaking to with Radical Candor for discovery and mutual understanding, without fear of repercussion.

24 Dec 2020 Event Recap: SWITCH 2020 - Innovation Made Real @ Singapore Science Park

Along with our innovation community builders Bridge+, CoSpace Park and NUS Enterprise at Singapore Science Park, this year marks CapitaLand’s inaugural participation at SWITCH. Under the theme of Innovation Made Real @ Singapore Science Park, we came together to present a series of panel discussions and fireside chats honing in on the latest innovations related to medtech, foodtech, agritech, smart cities and urban solutions, and trade connectivity from 7–11 December 2020.

17 Nov 2020 Customer Objections - Convert NO to YES in Your Sales!

Learn 5 Simple & Effective steps to handle your customer objections, overcome the obstacles, and win them over. Turn NO to YES. No more fear of customers giving you all kinds of reasons to chase you away. You now have strategies to handle them.