Brown Bag Virtual Series – The Critical Core Skills Series

Brown Bag Virtual Series – The Critical Core Skills Series

Thu, 01 Jul 2021 - Tue, 03 Aug 2021

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12.00pm - 1.30pm

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The Brown Bag & Masterclass Series aims to equip working professionals with skills and knowledge that would empower them towards a better career.

The Critical Core Skills Workshops (Apr – Aug 21) are part of a 16-part series organised by HeadHunt in collaboration with the Lifelong Learning Institute to help Singaporeans.

- 8 July: Making Tangible the Invisible
- 15 July: Coach to Overcome
- 19 July: Journeying Towards the Successful You
- 21 July: Principled Negotiation in Getting to Yes
- 28 July: Understanding and navigating Cultural Differences
- 3 August: Is Life a Pattern?

In the upcoming six workshops (8th July to 3rd Aug), we will be examining the following Critical Core Skills Clusters:

Interacting with Others
- Customer Orientation
- Developing People
- Influence

Staying Relevant
- Self Management
- Global Perspective

In this series, we have also grouped the topics into 3 main themes:

Enabling Business Transformation
- 8th July – Customer Orientation – Making Tangible the Invisible
3rd Aug– Digital Fluency – Is Life a Pattern?

Career Management
15th July – Developing People – Coach to Overcome
19th July – Self Management – Journeying Towards the Successful You

Change Management at the Workplace
21st July – Influence – Principled Negotiation in Getting to Yes
28th July – Global Perspective – Understanding and Navigating Cultural Differences

8th July – Customer Orientation
- This session looks at identifying the needs of a customer to help deliver a good customer experience. We will be showing how service design can be used to critically curate invisible experiences that gives life to otherwise cold technology and outdated offerings.
- Our speaker from SIT will be sharing on the topic of “Making Tangible the Invisible”

15th July – Developing People
- This session will be looking at how you can empower others to develop their capabilities and achieve their goals.
- Our speaker from SUSS NSHD will be sharing on the topic of “Coach to Overcome”

19th July – Self Management
- The path to your success begins with self-awareness and effective self-management. This session will explore how you can use the Johari Window model and Personal SWOT analysis, and the cognitive strategy of reframing to improve your personal effectiveness and identify your personal brand.
- Our speaker from NIE, NTU will be sharing on the topic of “Journeying Towards the Successful You”

21st July – Influence
- This session will examine the two common models of negotiation that can be used at the workplace. It will then look in more detail at the Harvard-based negotiation model, one that seeks to achieve sustainable and value-creating solutions through interest-based problem-solving.
- Our speaker from NUS Law will be sharing on the topic of “Principled Negotiation in Getting to Yes”

28th July – Global Perspective
- This session will help you understand how Cultural Norms play an important role in interpersonal relationships at work. We will be using the Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions as a starting point to explain such interactions.
- Our speaker from NUS Law will be sharing on the topic of “Understanding and Navigating Cultural Differences”

3rd Aug – Digital Fluency
- History repeats itself. If there is a pattern in the life events happening around us, could we predict future phenomenon by looking into the past? With increased computational efficiency, we are now able to train machines to discover patterns which have since enabled many significant world-changing innovations. Have a glimpse of machine learning and how it works.
- Our speaker from NUS ISS will be sharing on the topic of “Is Life a Pattern ?”