Tabao Thursday Jan Series: Authentic Conversations with Radical Candor

Published on Thu, 28 Jan 2021
Tabao Thursday Jan Series: Authentic Conversations with Radical Candor

Thu, 28 Jan 2021

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12.30pm - 1.30pm

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We may have been taught not to say anything at all if we have nothing nice to say. Yet at the same time, it can be damaging to sweep things under the rug and keep quiet out of fear of hurting others' feelings, if there is something they ought to know. Confronting someone directly however well intentioned, can elicit a defensive response from them, and your words could be met with discomfort and criticism.

How can we then find the balance and speak with our colleagues, partners or children to enact change and growth?

Join Coach Takeshi and Su Chern in this lunchtime webinar as they share how to create an emotionally safe space for the person you are speaking to with Radical Candor for discovery and mutual understanding, without fear of repercussion.


About the Speakers

Takeshi Yoshida is the Chief Coach of Agile Organization Development, where they design and deliver learning interventions (coaching, training, facilitation) for complex organizational challenges, often around stalling and failing organizational change, agile & digital transformation and innovation programs. He delivers his work as three learning professionals in one – Behavioral Coach, Process Coach (Design Thinking, Agile Scrum, Lean Startup) and Organization Development expert – combined with 25+ years of front-line business experience as former banker and current serial startup entrepreneur.

Su Chern Teo is Partner of Aesara Partners Limited, an international coaching and consulting firm, specialising in designing and delivering strategic solutions for international firms in industries ranging from finance to technology to consulting. Her corporate engagements include strategic leadership solutions, collaborative synergies and design innovation sprints. Apart from her work as a strategic executive coach and design thinker, she is an adjunct senior lecturer at Singapore University of Technology, co-leading the pedagogy and teaching of design thinking to all first and final year design teams. Su Chern is a former London-based investment banker and a Chartered Accountant.