The Science Behind Chocolates


Published On Thu, 30 Sep 2021


Taking the confectionary industry to new heights through Innovation and Sustainability! 

Ferrero products

Photo credit: Ferrero 


Chocolates and confectionery are a childhood favourite for many and are also associated with celebrations. But did you know that a lot of research and development, as well as sustainability efforts, go behind perfecting these sweet treats?

According to Statista, the global confectionary market is expected to continue to grow to US$223.63 billion in 2025. With the continuous growth in the industry, companies are beginning to recognise the need to address environmental challenges through innovation and technology to drive a more sustainable future.

Key confectionery industry players like Ferrero have embarked on a journey to continuously seek new ways to develop and test new products and areas in health and nutrition, raw materials, product research and development, consumer insights, and foresight activities to combat the realities of climate change while delivering the same consistent flavours we have come to love from the confectionery giant!

Find out how Ferrero is taking the industry to new heights with its ongoing efforts in innovation and sustainability.



1. Sweet Innovation: Singapore's Ferrero Innovation Center


Did you know the well-known confectionery maker of Italian origin now has a 1,000 square metre innovation center at Singapore Science Park?

The Ferrero Innovation Center is the first of its kind for Ferrero in Asia, with Singapore chosen for her innovative environment and high demand for scientific talent with diverse consumer demographics. The center is designed to reinforce Ferrero’s position as a global innovation leader in the confectionary chocolate industry.


As Giovanni Ferrero, Executive Chairman of Ferrero said during the inauguration of the Center in 2017 “Innovation has always been a core value for Ferrero. Our products are the result of a strong passion for quality and research. The Singapore Innovation Center will support Ferrero in its continuous pursuit of cutting-edge technological solutions to offer our consumers the best quality products that provide always-new taste dimensions.”




Photo credit: Ferrero 



2. The Science Behind The Taste We Love

Ferrero took years of research and development to perfect the iconic round wafer shape that we all have come to enjoy today!

Just how does Ferrero keep its taste so consistent? The company utilises the power of technology and innovation to drive quality excellence and enhance process transparency. In fact, the Ferrero Innovation Center is designed to strengthen Ferrero’s position as global innovation leader and houses several strategic innovation functions in the areas of health and nutrition, new raw materials and product research and development, consumer insight and foresight activities.

So, if you are wondering why Ferrero’s chocolates taste better every time you pop one in your mouth, well that’s because experts behind the scenes are always keeping its quality consistent. 



3. Ferrero Group's Commitment to Sustainability

Did you know that 100% of Ferrero’s cocoa beans sourced are certified as sustainable?

Over the last 10 years, Ferrero has made the commitment to streamline and increase transparency of their sustainability efforts, strategies, and vision.

In order to keep moving towards a more sustainable future, Ferrero focuses on four key pillars:

1. Protect the environment

2. Promote responsible consumption

3. Source ingredients sustainably

4. Empower people

Not only do they pride themselves in sourcing sustainable ingredients, they also believe in women empowerment, with an increase of 5% of women in managerial positions since January 2021!



Now we know just how much thought, science and innovation goes into each bite of Ferrero Rocher or Kinder Bueno!

It’s not just all science though; chocolates can help bring to life our favourite memories - like how a box of Ferrero Rochers are enjoyed at a celebration, or when we were given Kinder Chocolate as a child, full of anticipation to get at the toy inside!

So, tell us, what are some of your favourite memories you share with the chocolates made by Ferrero?





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